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About us

A journey which started with a small budget and lots of dreams and a Facebook page in the name of “Akriti” in 2014 , evolved into a full-fledged eCommerce site called “Charukriti” in 2018.It was designed ,narrated ,decorated with the concepts of “Akriti”. Time goes, people change and to carry on the concept of commitment and honesty to patrons, people move on.


Our moved-on concept “Charupama” is a tribute to every individual who had faith on us, shared our little pieces of dreams.

Team Charupama strongly believes that buying experience from “Charupama” should not be a one-time experience and instead we trust in relationship and commitment.


Charupama is a story of majestic vestures woven with utmost care and drenched in beautiful colors of Indian natural diversity…. Collections are carefully selected, adored according to the Indian climate and fashionable taste of Indian women.


We have handpicked each and every asset of our collection to be a masterpiece of your wardrobe and have taken an oath to embellish you in a much easier way so that seating by the comfort of your living room you can pamper yourself with our trendy yet comfortable clothes ,like a princess…..



Team Charupama.


Clothing creates the illusion that bodies fit an aesthetically pleasing norm. And that illusion depends on getting the fit right. Garments that bunch, pull, or sag call attention to figure flaws and often make people look worse than they would without clothes

 Virginia Postrel